Here are some of our services...

Our auction option is one of the most versatile services we offer. During the last thirty years we have been conducting public auctions and participating in public auctions in several parts of the United States. Thru our well established network, and our involvement at several major auction houses we have been able to broaden our clients ability to get the most money for there property and with the smallest amount of risk.

Thru our network we are able to keep an eye on "current market trends" not only in New England but in other regions as well. This all translates into being able to maximize your profit. We have found in the past that some areas of the country are more suited for different types of items, and what is considered common place here might be highly desirable in another area and would command a higher price. We have created working relationships with several well known auction companies thru out the United States that afford us instant information that puts us ahead of our competition.

Our local on site auction capability is another option that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. The costly transporting of property to a commercial site can some times be avoided and that saves money and time. In addition we have realized higher prices for items sold in this manner. We are able to evaluate the possibilities of an on site sale and deliver any necessary equipment to handle a successful auction.

Estate Sales
This is our most workable option for most situations, It enables us to sell the personal property in the original setting with predetermined pricing at a very attractive commission rate.

We find that this option allows us to sell everything from a Tiffany lamp to a used garden hose and every thing in between in a matter of two or three days. Everything is clearly tagged and priced. All advertising.staffing,outside expertise and cleaning of the property can be performed by our staff. This sales option gives you an excellent solution to what can be an expensive alternative.

With as little as a two-week preparation time we can complete the sale of your personal property in a very efficient manor and you can go on with your life.

Our company completes eight to ten sales per year and we are clearly recognized as the leader in this field. Our staff is trained and competent As always references on request.

We offer a complete formal appraisal service at a competitive hourly fee, We are able to insure that your property is evaluated for the intended purpose weather it be for Probate, Estate, Insurance or possible liquidation.

We use the latest of information available thru our sources and affiliations, and use the latest in digital photography to record images of your property if needed.

Our clients include many Attorneys,Banks,Real estate Agents, Administrators,Excecutors and individuals.

Our reputation is flawless and to reassure you that your property will be properly appraised we will provide you with a list of clients that you may contact for verification.